The 30 most expensive dog breeds in the world

22. Samoyed

The dog Samoyedo is a genuinely friendly and tender dog, who has a deep innate love for humans and especially for children. And that’s back, as there’s no way a person won’t love this beauty. However, the rare Samoyed is considered one of the most expensive breeds out there. The average price of a puppy is about $1,300, but its strong appearance for canine competition means that exceptional puppies with a champion bloodline can cost up to $3,000. These dogs are easily distinguished by their hairy white robes, for which the care expenses are $85 on average. In terms of health care, they are prone to many problems such as corneal dystrophy and autoimmune conditions, causing health expenses to rise to $4,800. His life expectancy is 12 to 14 years.